Escape to Medellin
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Avoid This Taboo Topic While Visiting Medellin Colombia

Pablo Escobar is a very sensitive topic here in Medellin, and I’ve heard stories where taxi and Uber drivers put passengers out of their cars due to the sensitivity of this topic.

I’ve heard firsthand accounts of the horrors families had to deal with during Pablo’s reign of terror on this country. They’ve shared stories of seeing body parts scattered all over the streets after a bombing. They’ve shared stories of loved ones taken away and never seen again.

When you come to Medellin, be mindful of this topic … The people you’re talking to likely lost someone very dear to them…

Watch the video below to get the full story…

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TMAS86 says

Glad you mentioned this, when you kept referring to that kid as pablo escobar, when you had your thanksgiving thing, I cringed and wondered if u was gonna wear out your welcome to colombia quickly. Good to see you are starting to think about these things

    Cartess Ross says

    I had no idea until I started to get the local’s perspective on that topic. I thought it wise to warn others not too make the same mistake when arriving here… Thanks for commenting, it’s much appreciated. Are you here in Medellin?

Rich says

Hello Cartess, thanks for the heads up bro, much appreciated!

David Price says

I just listened to your comments about Escobar. I would not have thought that Colombians would react as they do. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. A related topic is Las FARC, the quasi political and narco force which, similar to P. Escobar, has held Colombia hostage for many years. Is this also something that is not easily talked about? The newspapers reported a peace accord but as you are a husband and father I urge you to not think that this ends the problem. The basic social problems, poverty and class issues, which might be the Colombian corelarry to race isues in America, have yet to be addressed. Yesterday I read about a group of former FARK members who stole a car after killing the occupents. I suspect this kind of thing will continue. Is this something discussed in the expat community? Have Colombians mentioned this? I don’t want to be alarmist but as I learn more about life outside of the US I think it is important to be aware and learn what precautions one should take. For example there might be zones where you should not travel. Still, I hope you, your family and friends continue to explore and enjoy your new home.

    Cartess Ross says

    hi David

    Great questions and thanks for commenting … There are parts of Colombia that are not as developed of course. And there are parts where there is violence (just like certain parts and cities in the U.S.). With that said, I think you just have to come down for yourself and see … There are many parts of the country where you won’t have much problems. I think if you come see Medellin, and the surrounding areas, you’ll be blown away at what you see. As with any developing country, there will be problems. But I can say that the government and it’s people are making great strides towards making this country a much better place.

David says

Man, you are right, I’m from Medellín and those were really sad times. There is nothing cool about him. He killed and butchered anyone that faced him without mercy. The supposed good deeds were just a strategy to create human security belts around him. If you are coming here, talking about this is like talking about the 9/11 bombarding for you.

James Willett says

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fred wada says

Geez, when you showed us the streets in Laureles, I´m just about sold on moving there. Clean, no grafitti, also motorscooters everywhere (our thing). I´ll be there to see for myself in 6 days. Laureles looks a little like a downscale Beverly Hills w/o the snobbery!! Looks great.

Janice M Dittmar says

I am excited about coming to your area. First trip probably April 2018. I am so glad I found you!! You look like someone who loves to laugh, and I appreciate all of your information!! JD Virginia USA

Daryl says

Awesome insights regarding Medallin Mr.Ross

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