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Beware of This One Thing Before Renting or Buying a Condo in Medellin

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Prior to moving to Medellin Colombia, I’ve never lived in a condo before. So far, I’ve lived in two condos since being here. The first was a beautiful condo in the Conquistadores neighborhood of Luareles … And the other is where I’m currently at now in La Frontera, which is in-between El Poblado and Envigado.

The benefit to renting is that it allows you to get familiar with a neighborhood, along with the amenities and benefits of the area. Things like nearby grocery stores, restaurants, parks, etc…

But I never considered this issue prior to moving into my new place in La Frontera… Watch the video below to get a full breakdown of what I’m talking about:

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william says

im planning to move to meddellin soon

    Cartess Ross says

    Awesome … Look us up when u arrive!

Rich says

Hey Cartess, congrats on your site man it’s looking good! Hey I’m planning on visiting Medellin soon. I’m thinking maybe in about a few weeks to a month from now, but looks like I will be traveling solo. And as you can imagine I’m real hesitant about coming there solo, but I still want to come and check it out for possible relocation. So I’d definitely appreciate any guidance you can provide me on this because I’m serious about making this trip even if I have to go solo.

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