Escape to Medellin
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A Great Solution for Gringos Moving or Visiting Medellin

If you’re a foreigner (gringo), moving or visiting Medellin, you will get taken advantage of. You will pay more for the exact same services locals use.

Gringo Pricing … That’s what they call it here.

The locals can generally tell you’re not from here and they will charge you a lot more money for services like rent, cars, goods off the street, etc..

I’ve got taken many times since being here and it will happen to you — I promise!

But you can minimize it by connecting with a local who can act on your behalf. For us, Ana has been our #1 person for helping us assimilate into this new culture.

Watch the video below to learn more about her company, Expat Solutions,  where she offers a variety of services for expats and vacationers coming to the area.

So … What do you think?

Get a hold of Ana by filling out the form below … Your details will be forwarded to her and she’ll follow-up with you to discuss the services and packages offered.

*Please note: This is a premium service for those serious about moving here. It’s not cheap and it’s not super expensive either. I assure you that it’ll cost you way more trying to do it on your own. We went out looking for a Condo to buy and the price shot up an extra $50,000,000 PESOS because we were gringos. Now, I don’t talk to anyone until after Ana’s speaks with them. Do yourself a favor and don’t skimp around on pricing issues … It’ll cost you more sooner than later.