Escape to Medellin
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Get Affordable Medical Procedures While in Colombia

Of the 40+ hospitals in all of Latin America, 8 of them are right here in Medellin, Colombia. Medellin is quickly become a major player in the medical tourism industry as people from all over the world come here to get top-notch medical services and procedures at huge discounts.

According to the Self-Pay Patient’s website, which is a website that provides affordable healthcare options for the under insured, a patient indicated a heart surgery he needed would have cost as much as $286,000 in Houston. In Colombia, it was only $26,000.

Colombia offers a full range of services including plastic surgery, breast augmentation, cosmetic dentistry procedures,, including custom dentures, cardiovascular care and surgeries, and more.

If you need to get an eye exam, glasses, or hearing aides, get it done while you’re here. If you need to see a medical specialist (urologist, dermatologist, neurologist, or whomever), get seen while you’re here. You’ll save yourself a small fortune.

I’ve hooked up with a great medical doctor here by the name of Dr. Luisa Cristina Torress. She is a medical doctor and surgeon, with a degree in Clinical Cardiology and she’s an Expert in Immuno-rehabilitation and Cellular Nutrition.

Doctor Luisa

Dr. Luisa Cristina Torres

She is our family doctor and we highly recommend her. Whatever procedure you’re needing done while in Medellin, she can assist in helping you meet your medical needs.

She has a network of specialists she regularly works with and can coordinate everything for you.

Dr. Luisa is an English speaking doctor and she and her team can assist with getting you picked up from the airport and help you plan your lodging.

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