Escape to Medellin
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Consult with Ned!

Ned decided to look abroad to see if his $1,400 in monthly benefits would afford him a much more quality life … Not only did he find out that he could actually upgrade the quality of his life, he also found love in Medellin…

If you haven’t watched Ned’s story, take a look by clicking here.

If you’re in need of that little extra help or guidance, schedule a block of time to talk with Ned. He’s a wealth of information. If you’re about to retire, or you’ve already retired, it’ll save you a ton of money to simply get on the phone with this man. He’s already done what you’re wanting to do. He has insight you’d never think about.

  • He’s already been to immigration to get all the paperwork down … Ned can help you navigate through the process
  • He moved all his stuff to Medellin from California … Ned can give you insight on this process.
  • Ned purchased a condo a few months ago … He can talk to you about the buying process.

And sooo much more …

Yes, Ned does charge a fee. His time is extremely valuable. He enjoys the spring weather and going to the gym everyday… Painting is a passion of his and he wants to be compensated if he must take time away from the things he enjoy doing.

This is for people who are serious about moving to Medellin — getting guidance and feedback from someone whose already here can save you a bunch of time, money and frustration.

Think of this as a coaching call where you can get the advice you need to plan your trip, move, or retirement. We can discuss anything you like. Your investment for a 1-hour telephone consultation with Ned is just $95 bucks.

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