Escape to Medellin
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After Losing His Entire Life Savings, This Guy is Living the Good Life in Medellin on a $1,400 Social Security Check!

Retiring to Medellin

Surviving on a $1,400 monthly social security in the United States wasn’t looking good for Ned. So he did the unthinkable.

He decided to look abroad to see where he might be able to stretch that $1,400 so that he could actually upgrade his quality of life … And then he found this beautiful gem.

Medellin is a great place to restart and get your life back together. After working hard and saving money for most of his life, he lost it all to a fraudulent investment scam (ponzi scheme).

Left with only a $1,400 monthly social security check, he knew he couldn’t survive on that income in the United States. He needed to find a loophole that would let him live and have more on less.

Watch the story as Ned breakdown how his move from the United States actually upgraded his lifestyle …

  • Ned has his own penthouse suite
  • Has a housekeeper that comes by once a week to clean his 3-level penthouse ($13 bucks)
  • Goes out to lunch/dinner a few times each month
  • Has dinner parties with friends
  • Goes to the movies (and watches them in English)
  • Has a gym membership and goes a few times each week
  • Fills his refrigerator with more for far less than in the U.S.
  • Can take $2 taxi rides to the mall if he doesn’t feel like walking
  • Can take cheap flights to beautiful beaches (for like $75 bucks)

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