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Can I Watch Netflix in Medellin?

On Demand Movies in Colombia

What about Hulu, Amazon On Demand, DIRECTV or AppleTV … can I watch those in Colombia? I’ve got some good news, and some not sooo good news …

Play the video below to find out the details:

NetFlix definitely works in Colombia
 … The apartment we’re renting came with Smart TVs in all of the bedrooms and living room. The first thing the kids checked for was NetFlix. They loaded up our login details and boom … It worked!

Does AppleTV work in Medellin, Colombia?

I failed to bring up AppleTV in the video. We brought our AppleTV with us from the United States. I’m not sure if they sell them here. But it works flawlessly here as well.

We’ve used it daily in the first apartment in Laureles. Since moving to La Frontera neighborhood, we haven’t unpacked it … But I will as soon as I finish writing up this post, lol.

When using your Apple TV, just make sure to go into your settings and update your location and other settings.

What About Amazon On Demand and DIRECTV?

Well … One of the T.V.s  in the condo has the Amazon On Demand app on it and we were able to login successfully and pick up on our favorite shows (the ones that haven’t made it too NetFlix yet). So yes … Amazon On Demand works just fine.

DIRECTV – Everywhere I go, I see their satellite dishes on buildings. I don’t have personal experience with the service, but I’ve spoken to quite a few sports fans here that have said they’re able to watch all of their favorite shows and sports packages (including U.S. football and basketball).

I did see a few NFL games broadcasting when I ate at a few of the local bars and restaurants.

Hulu on the other hand does not work here. You’ll need an U.S. based I.P. address to make it work. Fortunately, there is a workaround. You can purchase and download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that lets you connect to a secure U.S. based IP address.

Once you’re on the VPN, you can watch Hulu on your laptop (and then connect it to your T.V.). If you typically watch your shows on a smart phone, then you can add the software to your phone and watch your shows from your phone as well.

Sometimes when trying to login to my bank, I have an issue because the security features from the bank won’t allow me to login directly because they recognize the foreign I.P. address I’m connecting from. So having a secure VPN has saved my butt many times.

The VPN service I use is through a company called Private Internet Access. The service is awesome and it’s very easy unlike the others to setup. It costs $39.95 per year and I can use it on up to 5 devices too (laptop, cell phones, tablets, etc..)

If you access the internet through public wifi hotspots, shared internet routers, which is the case if you’re renting condos here in Medellin, then your data, files and privacy may be at risk. Having a VPN allows you to connect through a service that utilizes high grade encryption.

Now that I’ve used this type of service, I don’t think I’ll ever get on public wi-fi without it. You can use it anywhere in the world and you don’t notice a decrease in speed. I just feel better knowing my data and passwords I type into my computer are encrypted while I’m on a public network … Especially when I’m out on my phone … I have very private and sensitive data stored there.

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